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The designer Aïda Duplessis

With the desire to push the boundaries of the fabric, the Textile Designer beautifully combines fibers such as nettle, hemp, linen and cotton spun and hand-woven, to create a line of contemporary and sleek interior fabrics. She is a true explorer because she travels the world in search of natural textile fibers. She goes out into the field to look for natural textile fibers that can be woven.
A selection of first quality cotton harvested by hand (not by machine)
A trip to remote corners of Nepal and deep in the Philippines to find various fibers.
Yeleen Design


Textile encounter between tradition and innovation


At the heart of a traditional expertise, Yeleen Design draws all its richness in its meetings with the stories of the materials and the traditional weavers.
Their exceptional techniques associated wih elegance make these pieces of a rare finesse.